Purchase Order

Title Mode of Procurement Purchase Order No. Supplier Purchase Order No.
Supply and Delivery of Meals and Snacks for the Conduct of Baseline Assessment of the Internal Control System (BAICS) Operation Level-Internal Control Checklist PDF icon PO 2023-05-091.pdf SVP 2023-05-091 HYPUTESHER CATERING SERVICES 2023-05-091
PROCUREMENT FOR THE SUPPLY AND DELIVERY FOR COMMONLY-USED OFFICE SUPPLIES - 2ND QUARTER PDF icon 2023-04-081, 2023-04-083, 2023-04-084, 2023-04-085.pdf Shopping 2023-04-081, 2023-04-083, 2023-04-084, 2023-04-085 HIRAM'S SUPPLY WHOLESALING, GEORVI'S ENTERPRISES, PANDAYAN BOOKSHOP, LEARNING TOOLS ENTERPRISES 2023-04-081, 2023-04-083, 2023-04-084, 2023-04-085
Supply and Delivery of COVID-19 Supplies PDF icon PO 2023-04-080.pdf Shopping 2023-04-080 ORMIN PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION 2023-04-080
Procurement of Labor and materials for fabrication of Sports Uniform / Fitness Wear PDF icon PO No. 2023-04-073.pdf SVP 2023-04-073 SIOTI SPORTS APPAREL SHOP 2023-04-073
Procurement for the Labor and Materials for Fabrication of Sports Uniform / Fitness Wear PDF icon PO 2023-04-073.pdf SVP 2023-04-073 SIOTI SPORTS APPAREL SHOP 2023-04-073
Procurement and Delivery of Breakfast, Meals and Snacks for the BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING on March 30-31, 2023 PDF icon Basic Life Support - PO 2023-03-064.pdf SVP 2023-03-064 HYPUTESHER CATERING SERVICES 2023-03-064
Procurement for the Supply and Delivery of Packed Meals and Snacks for the activity of 2023 NATIONAL WOMEN'S MONTH CELEBRATION PDF icon 2023 National Womens Month - PO 2023-03-061.pdf SVP 2023-03-061 NAUJAN TRAVELLER'S INN AND RESTO BAR 2023-03-061
SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF COMMONLY-USED OFFICE SUPPLIES FIRST QUARTER PDF icon 2023-03-054, 2023-03-055, 2023-03-056.pdf Shopping 2023-03-054, 2023-03-055, 2023-03-056 HIRAM'S SUPPLY WHOLESALING, LEARNING TOOLS ENTERPRISES AND PANDAYAN BOOKSHOP 2023-03-054, 2023-03-055, 2023-03-056
SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF COMPUTER EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES PDF icon PR.2023-01-014, (PO.2023-03-048).pdf Shopping 2023-03-048 MINDEUS ENTERPRISES 2023-03-048
Procurement of Activity Supplies PDF icon PR.2023-03-041, (PO.2023-03-044).pdf Shopping 2023-03-044 HIRAM'S SUPPLY WHOLESALING 2023-03-044