NIA MIMAROPA Palawan IMO Joins the 6th Assembly Meeting of Kanayon IA in Narra town

Narra, Palawan - Under the management of Regional Manager Engr. Ronilio M. Cervantes and Palawan Irrigation Management Office (IMO) Division Manager Engr. Armando L. Flores, the NIA MIMAROPA participated in the 6th assembly meeting of Samahang Magpapatubig ng Kanayon Irrigators Association (IA) Inc.

This gathering serves as a platform for lA to ensure transparency by presenting their achievements for CY 2023 and outlining plans for CY 2024.

During this assembly, Engr. Flores emphasized the significance of continuous irrigation projects at the Batang-Batang River Irrigation System (RIS) yearly highlighting how these structures are set to enhance irrigation efficiency and contribute towards sustainable agricultural practices.

With great enthusiasm, he informed Kanayon IA about the successful completion of the CY 2023 irrigation project at Batang-Batang RIS, encompassing the construction of canal lining and structures. He also shared that a budget of 6.3 million has been allocated for the lateral head gate G-H within the system for CY 2024, which entails similar construction work.

Furthermore, Engr. Flores encouraged members of Kanayon IA to participate in the Gulayamanan project where they could plant vegetables alongside the canal aimed to provide additional income, ensure food security, and offer an opportunity to sell their produce at the Agency's Kadiwa ng Pangulo (KNP) program.