NIA MIMAROPA Palawan IMO Fast-Tracks Construction of Largest Dam in Palawan, Achieving 91.76% Completion

Aborlan, Palawan - In a remarkable feat of efficiency and dedication, National Irrigation Administration (NIA) MIMAROPA Regional Manager Ronilio M. Cervantes and Palawan Irrigation Management Office (IMO) Division Manager Armando L. Flores are fast-tracking the ongoing construction of Ibato-Iraan Small Reservoir Irrigation Project (SRIP), the largest dam in Palawan.  The infrastructure, with a budget of P886 million, has achieved 91.76% completion as of July 31, 2023.

Notably, the agency has successfully completed the 390 meters of spillway channel of Ibato-Iraan SRIP and continues to progress with the remaining works of clay core, random fill, and other embankment items. This landmark project features a reservoir with a storage capacity of 2.388 million cubic meters to ensure efficient and sustainable irrigation services.

Once completed, the dam is set to irrigate 1,072 hectares of agricultural land and provide substantial livelihood opportunities for 425 members of Ibato Iraan Farmers Irrigators Association (FIA).

The agency also monitored CY 2023 projects in Aborlan such as the repair/construction of canal, repair of one-unit elevated flume and reinforced concrete (RC) conduit, canal lining, solar dryer, and multipurpose shed worth P10.4 million, and the rehabilitation of Ibato-Iraan SRIP field office and site development amounting to 1.7 million pesos.