NIA MIMAROPA Palawan IMO to Bring Irrigation to Remote Farmlands in Coron through Solar Pump

Coron, Palawan - The farmers in Brgy. Decalachao, Coron seldom get the chance to grow rice as they heavily rely on rainfall as their primary water source for crops. Nevertheless, through strategic planning and innovative techniques of the NIA MIMAROPA Palawan IMO, these areas can now transform into a vibrant oasis, teeming with fruitful harvests due to the successful implementation of the Papualan Small Irrigation Project (SIP). This infrastructure development can irrigate 100 hectares of farmlands, bringing benefits to 30 farmers of the Papualan Irrigators Association (IA).

However, there are still lands in the Barangay that remain deprived of water resources due to their location outside the coverage area of the project. In an inspiring display of determination and commitment, NIA MIMAROPA Regional Manager Ronilio M. Cervantes and Palawan IMO Division Manager Armando L. Flores have devised a solution that offers irrigation for these inaccessible farmlands by implementing a Solar Pump Irrigation Project.

Recognizing the need to uplift more farmer beneficiaries and transform seemingly unattainable farmlands into productive fields, the agency is embarking on a mission to introduce solar pump irrigation in an upstream area of Brgy. Decalachao by harnessing the power of solar energy. This innovative irrigation method will bring irrigation to distant locations and enable farmers within the community to cultivate their lands.

With this endeavor, the Agency demonstrates its dedication to find sustainable solutions for deprived lands and continues its commitment to serve the stakeholders by implementing innovative ways to address challenges faced by farmers.