NIA MIMAROPA Honors Employee Mothers in Celebration of Mother's Day

Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro - In line with the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) MIMAROPA's Gender and Development (GAD) program, NIA MIMAROPA held a heartwarming celebration to honor their employee mothers.

In a simple yet meaningful gesture, NIA MIMAROPA with the support of Regional Manager Engr. Ronilio M. Cervantes and Engineering and Operations Division Manager Lowell L. Lozano, Administrative and Finance Division Manager Kirsty Caroline M. Hernandez-Aceron distributed cakes and flowers, expressing their appreciation to all their employee mothers. She also shared an inspiring quote in celebration of Mother's Day: “The cutest word on earth is 'baby,' the strongest word on earth is 'father,' and the sweetest word on earth is 'mother.'”

This recognition extends beyond a mere day of appreciation. It acknowledges the vital role Filipino mothers play in shaping their families and communities. They instill values of love, respect, and discipline, fostering the ideals and virtues of good parenthood.