Climate Resilient Farming Techniques: Adopting Early Crop at Malatgao RIS to Combat Weather Risks

Palawan - In a period where climate change poses unparalleled challenges to our food security, finding ingenious ways to ensure access to essential resources like water has become paramount.

To alleviate the effects of unpredictable weather patterns on agricultural productivity, the NIA Palawan IMO-Malatgao Batang Batang River Irrigation System (MBBRIS) led by Division Manager Armando L. Flores with the support of NIA MIMAROPA Regional Manager Ronilio M. Cervantes has implemented an advanced dry cropping at Malatgao RIS in Narra starting September.

This strategy is part of the agency’s climate-resilient farming techniques to mitigate the impact of weather challenges such as typhoons and El Niño threats on agriculture that could wreak havoc on crops. The implementation of the early dry crop was made in light of the agency's successful conduct of early wet cropping for Calendar Year (CY) 2023.

As of September 1, ten (10) Irrigators’ Associations (IAs) have already commenced planting ahead and are expected to harvest as early as January 2024. The cumulative area planted has already reached 1,425 hectares, with ongoing planting activities at Division I and II. This progress was made possible through collaborative efforts of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Section and Irrigators Associations of Malatgao RIS.

In pursuit of supporting food security, the NIA MIMAROPA Palawan IMO is committed to continuously seeking innovative methods for ensuring sustainable irrigation amidst evolving environmental conditions.