Boosting Farming in Lubang, Occidental Mindoro: Brgy. Vigo-Dangay Farmers Irrigators Association Inc Get New Machinery

Lubang, Occidental Mindoro - The Brgy Vigo-Dangay Farmers Irrigators Association Inc. of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro, received a significant boost to their farming efforts with the association’s acquisition of a new Mechanical Rice Transplanter. This modern farming machinery was provided as part of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Mechanization Program by the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PHilMech).

The ceremony, held at Plaza de Francisco in Lubang, Occidental Mindoro, was attended by key figures including Municipal Administrator Wilfredo Bleza, Municipal Agriculturist Ellen Morales, Agriculturist II Renalyn Orio, and PHilMech Science Research Analyst Engr. Kenneth Calderon. Also present were Barangay Captain of Vigo, Hon. Abelardo de Lemos, Jr., and IA Chairman Ricky Tendido.

This new machinery is expected to greatly improve the IA members' farming productivity, benefiting 90 farmers and covering 153.5 hectares of agricultural land. It marks a significant step towards modernizing farming practices in the locality, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient agricultural sector.

The acquisition of this new equipment represents the government’s commitment to supporting our farmers and enhancing agricultural practices. With this investment in modern farming technology, Occidental Mindoro is poised to experience increased yields and improved livelihoods for its farming community.

✍︎ IDO Lovely D. Ricablanca

Photo Credits: Municipal Agriculture Office of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro