Operation and Maintenance Performance as of December 31, 2019


A. National Irrigation Systems

NIA MIMAROPA operates and maintains 12 National Irrigation Systems with a total Firmed-Up Service Area (FUSA) of 22,263.93 hectares. Five (5) of which are under MOMARO IMO, five (5) under Occidental Mindoro IMO, and two (2) under Palawan IMO. Out of this area, however, 21,413.99 hectares are operational. Operational areas are part of FUSA that can be irrigated during the wet season/dry season. This is the maximum area that can be irrigated by a system. For dry season, the irrigated area for NIS is 20,321.73 hectares, 21,283.69 hectares for wet season, and 1,273.20 hectares for 3rd crop posting a cropping intensity of 192.59%.

B. Communal Irrigation Systems (CIS)

For communal irrigation systems, on the other hand, the region has a total of 283 CIS with a FUSA of 38,036.90 hectares. Of this, 31,416.20 hectares are operational. The non-operational areas are due to damaged facilities, dry source, etc. However, majority of these non-operational areas were already programmed for restoration works to increase the irrigated area. For wet and dry season, the irrigated area under CIS is 31,530.88 hectares for dry season, 32,780.61 hectares for wet season and 1,690.47 hectares for other crops which resulted to a cropping intensity of 173.52%.


The major activities of Institutional Development Program of NIA are to organize Irrigators Associations and develop them into cohesive and viable organizations by providing them capacity building/training activities. As of December 31, 2019, 406 IAs were organized and 400 IAs were registered to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in MIMAROPA . Various IAs were given 114 batches of trainings like Basic Leadership and Development Course (BLDC), System Management Workshop (SMW), Gender-Based Effectiveness Skills Training (GBEST), Financial Management Seminar (FMS), Livelihood Program and Agribusiness for IA Sustainability and IA Congress.


In support to the operation and maintenance of NIS and in the implementation of NIA projects, NIA MIMAROPA maintains units of heavy, light/transport, other support and special equipment. As of December 31, 2019, total inventory of equipment was 123 units. Of these, 17 were heavy equipment which includes crane, crawler, tractor, excavator, and loader while 96 were light or transport equipment such as motorcycles, cars, pick up, and trucks. Meanwhile, there were 10 other support equipment which categorize compactors, rollers and air drills. Of these equipment, 72 units have exceeded their economic life but are still operable while 47 units are completely unoperational and needing repair. The rest, 82 units, are recommended for disposal.