NIA MIMAROPA Participates in NIA Nationwide Simultaneous Ushering Activity 2024

Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro - NIA MIMAROPA, led by Acting Regional Manager Ronilio M. Cervantes, Engineering and Operations Division Manager Lowell L. Lozano, and Administrative and Finance Division Manager Kirsty Caroline M. Hernandez-Aceron, actively participated in the NIA Nationwide Simultaneous Ushering Activity 2024 on January 8, 2024, at the NIA Covered Court, Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, under the theme "NIA Gear-Up!" This theme signifies a year of collective action, innovative strategies, and unwavering commitment to serving the agricultural community.

The highlight of the event was the NIA Gear-Up Wall: Ushering of the Ceremonial Light. NIA MIMAROPA top management, section chiefs, unit heads, and rank-and-file representatives switched on lights, starting from big to extra-small gears. The different sizes of gears on the NIA Gear-Up wall represent the interconnectedness of top management to rank-and-file employees in the performance of their roles to reach the goals set for 2024. They shared messages to welcome the year 2024 and encouraged all employees to fulfill their duties responsibly, emphasizing their individual roles in meeting the agency’s goals and commitments.

During his address, Acting Regional Manager Cervantes conveyed to the employees that every new year is a fresh start, providing an opportunity for each individual to improve in their respective roles. Reflecting on the challenges faced and lessons learned in the past year, he encouraged them to consistently strive for self-improvement and to avoid repeating previous mistakes. Drawing an analogy, he likened the employees to gears in a machine, emphasizing that if one gear is lacking, the entire system will not function effectively, leading to problems. However, he highlighted that when all employees, from rank-and-file to top management, are operating efficiently, the agency can successfully achieve its goals and better serve Filipino farmers.

The NIA MIMAROPA Regional Office and Mindoro Oriental-Marinduque-Romblon (MOMARO) Irrigation Management Office (IMO), headed by Division Manager Gerardo R. Perez, actively participated in the event. Meanwhile, the Occidental Mindoro IMO, led by Division Manager Raymundo L. Calusin, and the Palawan IMO, led by Division Manager Armando L. Flores, participated and conducted the event in their respective offices.