List of Request for Quotation/s

Title PR No. Purpose Total Approved Budget Attachment
Supply & Delivery of Common-Use Medical Supplies & Equipment for Health Emergency 2020-06-073
PDF icon 2020-06-073.pdf1.1 MB
Supply and Delivery of IT Equipment 2021-02-026 For replacement of old and slow system performance of computers, backup of NIA personnel and maintenance of IT equipment. 637,655
PDF icon RFQ (7).pdf540.01 KB
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Materials for Volvo EW145B with Property No. F12-26 2021-08-123 Schedule for 2000hrs PMS for Volvo EW145B with Property No. F12-26 138938
PDF icon RFQ for PR 2021-08-123.pdf781.36 KB
Supply and Delivery of Commonly-used Office Supplies 2021-04-078 Consolidated commonly-used supplies from various Sections of this office 218302.26
PDF icon RFQ 2021-04-078.pdf1.16 MB
Photographic / Filming Video Equipment 1904-054 For use in documentation of various activities /events of NIA MIMAROPA 180,000.00
Publication: Printing of Annual Report CY 2019 2020-07-078
PDF icon 2020-07-078.pdf756.7 KB
Procurement of Supply and Delivery of Medical Supplies for Health Emergency 2021-02-031 Procurement of medical supplies and vitamins listed in the Common-Use Supplies and Equipment during a State of Public Health Emergency especially for the current COVID-19 situation for the 1st Quarter of 2021 155,520
PDF icon 2021-02-031.pdf1.14 MB
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Air-conditioning Unit 2021-08-131 for use in NIA IA Training Center 295000
PDF icon RFQ-2021-08-131.pdf680.77 KB
Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment and Furniture & Fixture 2021-12-203 For use of Finance Section personnel
PDF icon RFQ for PR No. 2021-12-203-compressed (1).pdf400.56 KB
Supply , Delivery and Installation of Two (2) Slit Type Airconditioning Units Including Dismantling of Existing Aircons 2022-05-067 Airconditioning units for use in COA Section 159500
PDF icon RFQ-for-2022-05-067.pdf240.4 KB