NIA-Palawan fast-tracks Bagong Bayan SIP in El Nido

Palawan - The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) - Palawan Irrigation Management Office (PIMO) fast-tracks 70.08% development of Bagong Bayan Small Irrigation Project (SIP) as of September 15, 2021 located in El Nido which is set to benefit fifty (50) farmer-beneficiaries of Kasali ka Bagong Bayan Irrigator’s Association, Inc. in the third cropping period of 2021.

Bagong Bayan SIP is a part of the 2021 irrigation projects with a total contract amount of P14,588,600.61 consists of a diversion dam and a total length of 2.6 km. canal lining and structure of 6 units drop structure, 1 unit elevated flume, 1 unit road crossing, 1 unit headgate, and 9 units DSTO awarded to RAK Trading and Construction.

Palawan IMO Division Manager emphasizes that Bagong Bayan SIP can irrigate a total Firmed Up Service Area (FUSA) of 52 hectares that provide opportunities for farmers of El Nido to expand agricultural farming and livelihood which can be resulted to increase rice production and eventually secure food for the community in town whenever necessary.

Bagong Bayan SIP was implemented on May 14, 2021, and is expected to be established in 210 calendar days. The remaining works in particular to 100 meters of barrel, flume, 550 meters of the lateral canal, and 6 meters of canal lining are still ongoing for construction until November 15, 2021.

Division Manager Cardenas, Jr. shares that appropriate health precautions and other relevant guidelines for construction are also being observed/implemented in all irrigation projects and the agency assures to maintain its commitment by monitoring and constructing a quality of irrigation projects to increase rice self-sufficiency and address food hunger and poverty in the province.#Daryle C. Camara, Palawan IMO