NIA MIMAROPA welcomes 2021 with optimism and happiness

Oriental Mindoro - NIA MIMAROPA welcomes the year with optimism and happiness as showcased in the NIA Aperture Optimism Board for the ushering on January 12, 2021. The activity is led by Regional Manager William P. Ragodon together with the Division Managers of Regional Office and Irrigation Management Offices (IMOs).

The annual simultaneous activity of the agency has a theme “2021: Fostering Resiliency and Efficiency for Proficient Service through Innovations and Modernization”.  The Aperture Optimism Board comprises of all the employees’ photos which symbolizes the behind-the-scene moments of excellence and commitment of NIA employees to continuously strive towards the attainment of Agency’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives despite all challenges and adversities that comes their way.

“We should focus on three things: Resiliency, Efficiency, Proficiency.” Said Regional Manager Ragodon in his speech. “Resiliency is being measured by commitment of a person to do good in his performance and for efficiency, we can be efficient if we know, know, know; if we teach, teach, teach. If we are efficient, there must be a change that is going to happen tomorrow.”

He also emphasized that to be proficient, there must be continuous education, coaching and knowing what and how to do the work.

Through his virtual message, NIA Administrator Ricardo R Visaya also extended his gratitude towards all the employees for their effort and continuous service despite the trying situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let everyone’s focus be on the positive thinking that brighter days are ahead of us - that we can overcome everything as long as we keep our unity and teamwork among us.” Said Administrator Visaya in his message.

Palawan IMO and Occidental Mindoro IMO also joined the activity through virtual conference and conducted the same activity in their respective offices.# By: Aileen Vernice G. Bahia, Regional Office