NIA IV-B O&M personnel undergo systems' operation and management training

Oriental Mindoro - To develop appropriate Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSA) in the formulation and preparation of Cropping Calendar-Pattern of Planting (CCPP), Water Delivery and Distribution (WDD) plan, and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) plan, NIA Region V-B O&M personnel undergoes the Systems’ Operation Management training last September 7-9, 2016 at NIA IA Training Center, Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro.

Said training was facilitated by Engr. Ramon V. Perdido, Sr. Engr. from Palawan IMO, Engr. Gletser C. Malibiran, Hydrologist from Regional Office and Engr. Rory F. Avance, Eng’g and Operations Division (EOD) Manager of Region XII.

NIA IV-B EOD Manager Engr. Cesar M. Pobre welcomed the participants and cited the importance of having the said training to O&M personnel in the field while Acting Regional Manager Engr. Ramon A. Bugacia said that he would be expecting the participants to be fully aware on how to manage the O&M of the systems in their area of assignment after the training.

Starting off, Engr. Perdido stated that in order to monitor the operations of the systems, the needed data are river discharge, canal discharge, rainfall data and evaporation data. He added that it is important to have measuring and controlling facilities like staff gauges, steel gates, parshall flumes and weirs.

He also tackled the hydrological cycle, water management parameters and computation of conveyance loss, water and irrigation requirements in land soaking, land preparation and normal irrigation as well as in crop water, crop irrigation, farm irrigation and irrigation diversion. He also included that computation for Irrigation Diversion Requirement (IDR) at the dam, headgate of lateral canal and sublateral canal.

On the other hand, Engr. Avance presented the formulation of O&M plan. He started with the calculations of the monthly available water supply and effective rainfall. He also explained how to compute the weekly area that could be land soaked and duration of land soaking from 1st week to 4th week. The calculation of area to be programmed for irrigation and date of initial water delivery for both cropping seasons, development of cropping calendar and preparation of projected weekly progress of farming activity were also discussed.

Engr. Avance reminded the O&M personnel that cropping calendar should be disseminated to all concerned 30 days before initial delivery of water to give them ample time in preparing for their activities according to the system’s plan. Aside from this, he presented the H-Q curve as well.

Meanwhile, Engr. Malibiran discussed the ways to determine and monitor water flow. He emphasized the process of flow rate measurement, the concepts and preparation, use of equipment and data collection, flow measuring structures.

Field exposure was also conducted at the main canal of Calsis Pupugui IA to measure water flow or discharge. The speakers also taught the ways to formulate WDD and CCPP.

Finally, Engr. Pobre reminded the O&M personnel to apply all learning in the development and supervision of their systems’ operation management plan.#Aileen Vernice G. Bahia, Regional Office