By: Darylce C. Camara, NIA Palawan IMO

Skeletal workforce of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) - Palawan Irrigation Management Office (PIMO) headed by Division Manager Conrado V. Cardenas, Jr. continues in serving the farmers throughout the province by maintaining and operating the mechanism of the National and Communal Irrigation System while taking precautionary measures amid Covid-19. 

Record shows for dry season 2020, there are 6,625.35 hectares that were being irrigated coming from National Irrigation System (NIS) and 11,530.75 hectares from Communal Irrigation System (CIS) in which harvested crops may help cover-up and sustain food production in the province of Palawan during Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Despite lockdown, Division Manager A Cardenas, Jr. assures that skeletal workforce will continue to establish linkage with IAs and Local Government Unit (LGU), implement and adapt water management, closely monitor operation & maintenance and properly modify water delivery to also help the farmers mitigate the effects of dry spell.

Most of 2019 irrigation projects are operational, while some such as Libertad and Lucbuan SIP are partially operational to irrigate farmland this summer.

Meanwhile, Palawan IMO salute all hardworking farmers, who continuously showing their efforts and strategies to feed the public and bringing abundant and safe food supply in the province despite the occurrence of pandemic.