Irrigators Development Officer A

  1. Minimum Qualification Requirements:




Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job



Six (6) months of relevant experience



Four (4)  hours of relevant training



Career Service (Professional)/ Second Level Eligibility


  1. Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Facilitate preparation of plans and programs for Institutional development;
  • Assist Senior IDO in planning & recommending programs for more intensive collection campaign of amortization, equity generation and ISF collection;
  • Extend proper guidance to association members and officers relative to their duties, rights and obligations for continued growth and development;
  • Facilitate and oversee meetings of irrigators associations, field visitation, regular updating of IA master list of farmers and other related documents;
  • Conduct trainings and other capability building programs, training need analysis and on the job training to sustain IA functionality;
  • Provide inputs to improve farm practices and proper water management;
  • Conduct irrigator’s association functionality assessment and audit as basis for intervention;
  • Perform other related functions.


 III. Assessment Process:

  1. Initial Assessment Steps
    1. HRD Pre-screening
    2. Personnel Selection Board (PSB) screening
  2. Further Assessment Steps
    1. Work-related Written examinations
    2. Panel interview
    3. Other related tests, i.e., IQ Test/Personality Test, as deemed necessary

IV. Documentary Requirements:

  • All interested qualified applicants shall submit the following to the Office of the Regional Irrigation Manager, Attn: Administrative Section, NIA Regional Office IV-B, Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
  1. Letter of Application indicating the position applied for submission not later than the 15th working day from publication.

February 27, 2018;

  1. Updated Personal Data Sheet;
  2. Performance Rating for the last semester/rating period ended;
  3. Photocopy of Eligibility
  4. Certificates of trainings/seminars attended.
  5. Photocopy of Diploma, Transcript of Record and Eligibility.


* Applicants who fail to submit complete documentary requirements as prescribed shall not be included in the evaluation.


V. Other Relevant Information:

  • Candidate/s found by the PSB to have met the minimum qualification requirements (Item I) and have successfully hurdled the Assessment Process (Item III) will be certified by the PSB as qualified for appointment/promotion to the subject vacancy.                                           





        Regional Manager A



Date of Posting                 : February 6-15, 2018


Date of Publication        : February 5, 2018

Salary Grade: 
Item No.: 
Engineering and Operation Division Operations, Institutional and Equipment Section Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental MIndoro