Engineer A

Position Title


Engineer A / SG-14



Item Nos. 104-99



NIA Region 4-B

Engineering and Operation Division

Operations, Institutional and Equipment Section

Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro


  1. Minimum Qualification Requirements:



Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering relevant to the job



One year of relevant experience



Four  hours of relevant training



RA 1080


  1. Duties & Responsibilities:


  1. Undertake review and revision of program of work of existing irrigation system for operation and maintenance in coordination with Construction Management Section.
  2. Evaluate annual budget prepared for irrigation system.
  3. Undertake monitoring and evaluation of periodic reports of existing irrigation system on operation, maintenance, repair and improvement, collection of ISF  as well as crop production report.
  4. Conduct field inspection to identify area for restoration and rehabilitation and submit reports of findings and recommendation.
    1. Collate data for research activities for improvement of operation and maintenance of irrigation systems and other related activities for irrigation development.
    2. Prepare statistical data of existing irrigation systems proposed for repair, rehabilitation and improvement for allocation of funds from the national or local funding institutions.
    3. Maintain records of existing irrigations, status and level of performance for purposes of establishing monitoring and control systems;
    4. Evaluate the proper lubrication procedures of operators, drivers and mechanics;
    5. Prepare and implement technical guidelines and other training devices for the improvement of field procedures;
    6. Conduct inspection of newly-acquired equipment to determine compliance with the specifications and conducts test run;
    7. Draft reports, memoranda and other communications;
    8. Conduct inspection of construction equipment and vehicles, machineries and shop facilities;
    9. Propose training of field equipment personnel regarding modern techniques, improvements and procedures for safety in preventive maintenance operations and repair of construction machineries;
    10. Perform other related functions.



  1. Assessment Process:
  1. Initial Assessment Steps
    1. HR Pre-screening b.Human Resource Merit ad Selection Board (HRMPSB) screening
  2. Further Assessment Steps
    1. Work-related Written examinations b.Panel interview

c. Other related tests, i.e., IQ Test/Personality Test, as deemed necessary

IV. Documentary Requirements:

  1. All interested qualified applicants shall submit the following to the Office of the Regional Irrigation Manager, Attn.: Administrative Section, NIA Regional Office IV-B, Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro.
  1. Letter of Application indicating the position applied for submission not later than the 15th working days from publication.

July 23, 2019

  1. Updated Personal Data Sheet;
  2. Latest Performance Rating in the present position (if applicable)
  3. Photocopy of Eligibility/Rating/License
  4. Photocopy of Certificates of training/seminars attended.
  5. Photocopy of TOR
  6. Certificates of Employment from previous employment (if applicable)
  1.  Applicants who fail to submit complete documentary requirements as prescribed shall not be included in the evaluation.


V. Other Relevant Information:

  1. Candidate/s found by the PSB to have met the minimum qualification requirements (Item I) and have successfully hurdled the Assessment Process (Item III) will be certified by the PSB as qualified for appointment/promotion to the subject vacancy.



Date of Posting : July 3-12, 2019

Date of Publication : July 2, 2019

Salary Grade: 
Item No.: 
Item Nos. 104-99
NIA Region 4-B Engineering and Operation Division Operations, Institutional and Equipment Section Bayanan II, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro